IN Uniform Business Organization Code allows Business Entities 5 Years to Reinstate by 07/31/18

The state of IN has announced that they are allowing all domestic and foreign entities that were administratively dissolved or revoked to reinstate by 7/31/18 regardless of the date of dissolution or revocation.  The IN Uniform Business Organization Code allows a business entity 5 years to reinstate from the date of administrative dissolution/revocation.  Previous laws were incomplete and had different timeframes for different entities. We have been contacted by the state and asked to help spread the word that they are allowing any domestic or foreign entity that was administratively dissolved or revoked, at any time in the past, to reinstate by 7/31/18.  The SOS hopes this will bring many entities back into compliance.  The reinstatement process can be time consuming and requires a tax clearance which can take 4-6 weeks.