Illionis LLC Filing Fees Reduced

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White has announced that a new law reducing filing fees for Illinois LLCs took effect today, 12.20.17, immediately upon the signature of the governor.

Key fee changes are as follows:

·    Articles of Organization: New Fee – $150 (previously $500)

·    Application for Admission: New Fee – $150 (previously $500)

·    Articles of Organization-Series: New Fee – $400 (previously $750)

·    Application for Admission-Series: New Fee – $400 (previously $750)

·    Articles of Amendment: New Fee – $50 (previously $150)

·    Amended Application: New Fee – $50 (previously $150)

·    Application for Withdrawal: New Fee – $5 (previously $100)

·    Name Reservation: New Fee – $25 (previously $300)

·    Annual Report: New Fee – $75 (previously $250)

·    Reinstatement Application: New Fee – $200 (previously $500)

·    Statement of Termination: New Fee – $5 (previously $100)


Illinois LLC Forms

For the time being the old forms with old pricing are being accepted by the state. However, we would recommend using the new pricing forms in all filings. An exact date for the new forms being required has not yet been made public.

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