New York Expedite Fees

Statutory authorization (Sec. 96 (11), Executive Law) for the New York Department of State to offer most levels of expedited service will expire on March 31, 2017 unless authorization is extended.  Legislation extending authorization has been introduced but its enactment by the March 31 deadline was not certain.

Expedited services that would expire are as follows:

  • Same Day Service – all entities
  • 2-Hour Service – all entities
  • 24-Hour Service – Noncorporate entities (i.e. LLCs, LPs, & LLPs)

The above services include filings, except biennial statements, and all requests for plain or certified copies of filed documents.

After the expiration date, the only expedited service that would be available is 24-Hour Service for filings under the Business Corporation Law, Not-For-Profit Corporation Law and General Associations Law and obtaining Good Standing Certificates for all entities.

In past years, the State continued to offer all expedited services even after the expiration deadline despite extending legislation not having been timely enacted.  However, to date, the State has not advised whether it will do so this year.

As a follow up to the information received last week, legislation extending all levels of expedited service has been introduced but still not yet enacted.

However, this morning, the Corporations Division advise that all levels of expedited service will continue uninterrupted for another year, as the legislation is expected to be signed today and will be retroactive to April 1st.