Delaware Filings for Friday, June 17, 2016

On FridayJune 17, 2016 Delaware State services have been altered for an Employees Recognition Luncheon. There will be NO “Same Day” or “Must Approval” service filings for this day. All 30 Minute and One-Hour service filings must be received prior to 10:00 AM (ET), Two-Hour service filings will need to be received prior to 9:00 AM (ET), and 24 Hour service filings must be received prior to 12:00 PM (ET).

COVID19 UPDATE:   As we continue to monitor the ever-changing COVID19 situation, please be assured we are dedicated to ensuring our services remain operable nationwide.  Our contingency plan is in place.  Delays and limitations on services available from local state and county governments are expected.  Please contact your service representative with any questions or call 800.722.0708.  For the most up to date state and county closure information please click here.