New UCC Filing & Portfolio Management System to be Released

Unisearch is pleased to announce the upcoming release of our new UCC Filing, Monitoring and Portfolio Management System UCC Filing Service.

UCC Filing Service will be replacing our existing eZFile system.  The new and improved system allows you to electronically prepare, edit, file, track and manage UCC filings in one central location.  Features include:

  • No Subscription Charges
  • Filings Checked Against State-Specific Filing Requirements
  • On-Screen Prompts Guide Document Preparation
  • Simplified Document Preparation with Fewer Keystrokes and Chance for Error
  • Standardized Collateral Descriptions
  • Debtor and Secured Party Libraries
  • Continuation Alerts
  • Streamline Preparation of UCC3 Documents with Our Intuitive Form-Filler Technology
  • Order a Plain or Certified Search to Reflect During Document Preparation

We are confident you will find UCC Filing Service to be an exciting and beneficial system that you will come to rely on daily to manage your UCC portfolio.

The new system will be launched the first week of April 2016.

For more information or training please contact Wendy Burbidge at or 800-722-0708 ext. 113